the "Bunch of C**ts" ride

met up with the NW Alps boys for an after work whizz around the woods, Ian was introduced to “straight from the door” and we finally found a name for another trail in the woods and since somehow the handrail on the bridge at the end of the trail is now n the brook it shall be known as the “broken Bridge” trail….or maybe “broken tree” as the tight switchback is around a felled tree which has bent and broken at the root end, one to ponder!. we also rode the twisty steps on “duck pond” which pops out of the trees into the Pub car park, as we dropped into the garden of the pub one of the customers commented that we were a “bunch of C**Ts!”, i wish we’d pinched his pint as we rode past!
ride 49
11 miles
total 713
commute 435
total + commute 1148

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