the bricks wrapped in a duvet ride

i’ve lusted after the trek “Travis Brown” 69er frame for a while and after selling my Trek EX8 frame i had the cash to go out and seek one. in a novel way (for me) i searched Flickr for an example and then posted the pic on Twitter asking if anyone knew of a good example going spare as not many were made, as it happened @_Grant_ pointed me in the direction of @bigrichwood and a deal was done, it was delivered on a monday, unfortunately 8 minutes after i left for work! so then it took a week for me to find the time to get to the post office to collect it, meantime some gentle ribbing on twitter suggested there wasn’t a frame in the box at all but some bricks wrapped in a duvet!
well bricks in a duvet ride very nicely thank you, found the rear a bit harsh after riding steel and Ti but the rear tyre was rock hard so a little deflation made it much better. i didn’t notice the different size wheels at all, i still wheezed up the climbs on 32:18 gearing. in conclusion it was a pretty flawless ride apart from the bars. i didn’t realize how comfy the Carnegie’s bars are on the pegasus, compared to the risers on this they are like getting a hand massage of an attractive young reflexologist, so they will need to change and the steerer will need trimming when i get some new bars and get comfy with their height, but all in all i’m grinning 🙂
ride 66
8 miles
total 924
commute 586
total+commute 1510

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