summer solstice/its like centreparcs around here ride

the longest daylight of the year, gotta be worth a ride yea? txt’d around the NW Alps crew but only Matt could make it, we went a different route for a change including some cheeky stuff we hadn’t done before, the footpath went along the side of a field along a very narrow path with tall wheat on one side and weeds and stuff on the other, some of the weeds though were evil, sharp needle point spines that felt like syringes going into my leg, i had to dig three out of my skin when i got home.the weather was windy but sunny which may have been why it was so busy, on a route where you hardly see one person we saw about 11 bikes, a running club on the towpath of about 20 people, two canoeists and many groups of walkers Matt reckoned it was like centre parks!
ride 67
13 miles
total 937
commute 586
total+commute 1523

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