the stickman ride

the stickman ride by rOcKeTdOgUk
the stickman ride, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

as today’s ride was going to be solo i selected the SS, i wasn’t happy with the position the Bonty rider bars were giving me after the comfort of the carnegie’s bars on my other bike so i ordered another pair at 8am yesterday, they were waiting for me when i got home, good old CRC!. so i fitted them and went for a test ride, what a difference! when out of the saddle i now feel i’m “over” the bike rather than constantly trying to get leverage on it, which is most important on a singlespeed, all in all i was very pleased and the 69er performed fautlessly, i’m not noticing the smaller rear wheel at all, wether this is because i can’t see it i don’t no. one thing i will say is that the ardent front and larsen TT rear tyres make a tremendous noise on tarmac like a couple of angry bees! definately a reason to stay on the dirt for as long as possible.
  There have been a number of trails that have suffered from someone putting branches and logs across them, obviously deliberately to hinder users access and in the most part these add to the challenge of the trail being easy to ride over but riding “from the door” today i entered a fast blind corner to be confronted with a huge pile of twigs, branches and logs, it must have taken “stickman” a long while to collect and stack them, at least i know my brakes work properly! it took just a few seconds to clear them but i’d hate to find that pile of debris put across a trail like “slave” as it’s so fast and once you commit there’s no bail option.
ride 68
12 miles
total 949
commute 586
total+commute 1535

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