owning the Singletrack

owning the Singletrack by rOcKeTdOgUk
owning the Singletrack, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

ooh, so like autumn tonight, lots of leaves, mud, greasey roots and a slight drizzle but still warm enough to get a sweat on, getting soaked from wet folliage on the trail edge, do we don’t we use lights yet? 3 falls from the front tyre sliding out from under me as i hit roots in “summer style” expecting the same amount of grip that was there on the last ride. time to adjust to the winter riding style of riding perpendicular to roots, dropping the tyre pressures for more grip etc. it’s the waning of the year and my thoughts are turning once again to Fat Bikes, maybe more on this in the coming weeks.

please note: i rescued this post from a stream, the post was rotten at the bottom and had eithe fallen in the stream or been deliberately put there, so we were NOT removing signs from an existing trail (unless the trail was via the centre of the Earth…)

ride 95
8 miles
total 1556
commute 792
total+commute 2348

2 thoughts on “owning the Singletrack”

  1. Nice bit of writing there on the trail conditions, you forgot the throbbing of nettle stings!,Your spoiled for choice now with all the new fatty stuff coming out at Surly!The new `nate` tyre should be ideal for UK trail conditions!


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