the passing into Autumn ride

after the terrific downpours and then showers of the past few days i was pleasantly surprised to see that conditions under tyre were not too damp, a lot of the singletrack showed signs of a lot of water having flowed down them and there was a lot of unexpected debris to avoid. Boz remarked how it felt like the end of September rather than the end of August and he was right, quite chilly even though the sun was out and the skies blue, but there was definately a “feeling” of autumn, but riding as fast as you can through damp folliage on moist trails with sketchy roots and having to plan your braking before corners whilst carrying that slight uncertainty in your mind gained from the lock up and loss of control you had at the last tight off camber corner is very invigorating. i love the fact we get seasons here in the UK
ride 96
15 miles
total 1571
commute 792
total+commute 2363

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