Fire, Two Counties and Lemon Crumble

the goal of this ride was to pedal from home to the wyre forest, scoff some cake and ride back. well, that did happen but with a few addendams. firstly i was trying to avoid the big climb from Kidderminster to bewdley and as it happens i also had a second mission. the OH had left a scarf at the stone manor hotel after a meeting, so a short detour took me to the reception where a very efficient rreceptionist found it straight away. with this success i figured i’d take a chance on a route i’ve never used before…just to avoid that hill, of course i got a bit lost found my way, got a bit lost, retraced my route, found Bewdley (without that hill, YAY!) but probably used 3 times the energy i would have just climbing the flipping hill in the first place. the wyre forest was busy with both bikers and walkers and i met one of the guys i ride in Scotland with, had a chat but cake was calling,,,mmm lemon crumble and a mug of tea. heading for home i noticed a canal towpath, whipped out the Android phone-google maps and saw that if i went from Kidderminster to stourton via the canal i could go home via wollaston and clent. just heading out from Kidderminster there was a huge bang, then a few minutes later sirens galore, rounding a corner i saw a huge pall of smoke, a guy watching said a bedding warehouse had caught fire and looked to be spreading to the college next door. a few more explosions occured while i was watching, impressive but scary. following the canal i passed from Worcestershire into Staffordshire, found my exit, made it through Wollaston (last time i was there it was with an old girlfriend who lived there). had to stop for an emergency Mars bar about 7 miles from home as my energy was waning. a great ride, super weather and cake!

ride 113
61 miles
total 1859
commute 915
total+commute 2774

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