the "can you smell dog shit?" ride

another mild night saw four of the NWAlps posse hit the trails, weather was warm but drizzly as we set off for a cheeky raid across the beacon and over to the waseleys, a route i’d scoped out the other day. just before starting “bono” i noticed the inevitable splodge of dog poo on the front tyre and Boz did on his two, both 29ers had grabbed the canine offering, trying to keep my mouth shut to avoid flinging faeces we flew down the technical trail then across to the start of the Waseley back entrance, it wa here boz announced a front puncture, oh dear, he was going to have to tackle a shit covered tyre in the semi darkness, made worse by a tyre that was reluctant to leave it’s rim. much grunting, swearing and sniffing of fingers to check for crap later the tyre was changed and we continued on reaching the summit of the waseleys for a photo stop. turning for the home leg in and seemingly the middle of nowhere a teenage girl appeared, ignored our greetings and disappeared again, i had to check with the others that they had seen her too incase only i had seen the apparition!. a far travese and downhill of the rabbit trail brought us back to the foothills of the Lickey hills and we took the duckpond route reversing the “bunch of ***ts trail back into the woods and home for Matt’s finger buffet via the “long shortcut”. an eventfull but great ride
ride 118
13 miles
total 1921
commute 915
total+commute 2836

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