the horrible headwind ride

i dislike point to point rides as it’s always good to be able to ride home and now how to measure your effort. today’s ride didn’t really change my mind, with a circular ride you tend to get variable wind direction but today was all into a horrible headwind, straight down the vale of Evesham so there was nothing to stop it and now where to shelter. headwinds are strength snapping at the best of times but with a ride everyday this week leaving the longest till the end may not have been the best idea. i was desperate to avoid the busy main road so went through Winchcombe and up and over Cleeve Hill, fantastic view but quite and effort to get up there with tired legs. the point of the ride? well some lovely windproof gloves from Cheltenham Cycles, a chinwag with the guys there and a cuppa. i also passed 2000 miles for general riding whilst out today and am nearing 3k overall 🙂
ride 123
38 miles
total 2022
commute 949
total+commute 2971

2 thoughts on “the horrible headwind ride”

  1. Your so right about headwinds being strength sapping….When I was on my recent ROCK2UK ride we had terrible headwinds across central Spain and in 110f just to make things worse. Doing 100 miles a day when fighting against strong headwinds is certainly not a lot of fun….-Trevor


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