the tour de Alps ride

the tour de Alps by rOcKeTdOgUk
the tour de Alps, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

Lickeys-Beacon Hill-Waseleys-Clent-Belbroughton-Pepper wood-Lickeys
a bit of a grey day with occasional rain, a lot different to yesterday, the motivation for this ride was a bacon sarnie at Nimmings Cafe. i started with heavy legs from the climbing yesterday but things improved as i progressed, did trails in the Lickey hills, the above pic was taken on “Bono” which is looking very autumnal. the route wasn’t as muddy as i expected and i got over the waseley’s in good time, just the climb up to Clent to do before the bacon reward made more entertaining as i had to avoid a horse which was spooked by a car. made it to the cafe and i got a discount sarnie as the woman in the queue received the wrong order and i relieved her of it and the owner charged me less for helping her out, result! lunch scoffed it only remained to do a little exploring over Walton hill which has some potential. then down through Walton pool, Clent village and into Belbroughton, up some little used bridleway using the water runoff as it was the only solid bit. then on to Pepper Wood, i made the guy sat in a dumper truck resurfacing the path jump out of his skin as i approached from behind. then the final climb back up to the Lickeys, legs pretty wasted by this point but i couldn’t resist a run through the woods including the rooty run, then over the railway, up poo alley and home, tired but happy
ride 132
25 miles
total 2180
commute 1002
total+commute 3182

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