The last Christmas mince pie

tried to get a long ride in today, temperature is crazy warm, 15 degrees! was totally over dressed, got to the 10 mile point out of a planned 45 and you know that feeling that there’s just something not right with the rear handling of the bike?, well yea, that. puncture time, typically after the shittyest part of the canal. tyres caked in mud. but handily there’s quite alot of water nearby. tyres washed off i then used the canal to find the hole in the tube. checked the tyre for thorns very carefully and it was clear, put new tube in and inflate…then instantly hear the hiss of air escaping, but weirdly through the side walls of the tyre, emphasized by the dampness the tyre was blowing bubbles! crap i think the spare tube already had a hole in it, just when you think nothing else can go wrong eh? i had no repair kit with me so make the phonecall, in the meantime i decide to walk to a more convienient place to be picked up, three miles, walking is sooo slow!
ride 143
10 miles+3 miles walk
total 2318
commute 1036
total+commute 3354

One thought on “The last Christmas mince pie”

  1. Time to go tubeless? I just built my last bike (Salsa Vaya) with a tubeless setup (WTB TCS XC with Vulpine SL). I really like it; well at least I feel invincible!


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