the uninterrupted cable ride

the cable to the rear mech on the voodoo is of the split type leaving exposed cables, in the current mucky conditions these seem to shift perfectly only after liberable lubing, after one ride the indexing is shocking. to remedy this i’m going to rum a complete cable along the down tube and along the chainstay to the rear mech, this is longer than the average off the shelf length of cable, so i popped by bicycle to the local shop, they measured the length, cut me a cable outer to size, added an innercable, ferrules and stops all for £4.25, not bad! the weather however was bad, gusty winds and torrential showers intersperced with bright sunshine made for an interesting if at time grim ride
the picture is of the local gym’s outdoor tennis court, usually covered this time of year by an inflateable roof, but because of the high winds they have deflated it (at least i hope that’s the reason for it to be like this!)
ride 3
11 miles
total 49

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