the chainsucky ride

out of the blue i got a txt suggesting a ride tonight, i’d already been out but got the bike ready in a hurry, unfortunately i hadn’t cleaned it since the wyre forest mud fest, i also hadn’t charged my lights, so i had 2 hours to get some charge into them before leaving for the rendezvous. we went down into the valley to do some of the urban trails and looped back via the canal, it was at this point i started to nget really bad chainsuck, i can only attribute it to the transmission being clogged with dried thick mud. this didn;t give much confidence as the chain and cranks would occasionally lock up and i had to back pedal to untangle it, not what you want on a step climb or whilst trying to keep up with the pack, so for the last 6 or so miles i limped along.
ride 9
15 miles
total 134

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