the back door hippies ride

i take a phone with me when riding and i check twitter (“@_rocketdog_” btw) and kept reading reports of torrential rain, hail and snow from my twitter friends, i couldn’t believe it as it was sunny with a lovely blue sky that went with the earlier frost. i’d forgotten my drink bottle so it was a good excuse to have a cuppa at the roadside snack van. then up and over the Lickeys (i was glad i’d added a rear mudguard, even if it does look a bit naff) and on to the B’ham /Worcs canal as far as The Crown for a cheeky beer. after leaving the pub i managed to get within 2 miles of home before the rain everyone else had been moaning about caught me up, but it was a steady drizzle rather than a deluge so not too bad
ride 20
17 miles
total 375

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