the colder than it looks ride

the last ride was cold, but todays had the added bonus of a very strong easterly breeze apparently coming from Russia, well they can have it back, it was very raw. head winds are bad enough at the best of times but when they are sub zero too they are nasty and vindictive. on the plus side, finding a bench sheltered from the wind and in direct sunlight is absolute bliss! the highlight of the ride was the sound the frozen muddy ground made, it was a very loud and somehow satisfying crackle. this frozen state made the early part of the ride much better than the last one as even though it was slippy and bumpy at least the bike didn’t get clogged with clag. towards the end where the sun had warmed up the gound it began to get sticky again but atleast the bike was reasonably clean when i got home
ride 23
19 miles
total 424

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