the Blossom tea rooms ride

ride today with Boz and Ben, lovely sunny day and hardly any breeze, i was worried i’d have trouble keeping up with these guys as they are less than half my age, but i managed to hang onto the wheels and only yoyo’d on the climb of “pig hill”. the half way point was at the Blossom tea rooms in Stourport, proper china tea service, loose leaf tea and scrummy cake made for a great stop. unfortunately just after the stop Ben broke his chain and in a face palm moment not one of the three of us had a chain tool, so he had to call for rescue. Boz and i made our way back without him
no thanks to: broken chains and not being prepared
thanks to sunshine and a decent cuppa
special mention to Ben for riding a Ragley Blue Pig with wide knobbly rubber
ride 29
34 miles
total 531
commute 85

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