the two failures night ride

the 1st failure happened 5 minutes into the ride when Matt’s knee gave up the ghost. It must be terribly demoralising for him and i felt awful as he turned around and headed for home as carrying on would have just made things worse. so, feeling a little guilty at having sound knees we continued on. the ground was very greasy and the corners down “bono” gave a few interesting moments sliding out the rear wheel and on a couple of occasions the front too! we then did the steep climb up to the escarpment and found the equally steep downhill, ben hadn’t been dwn it before and with a dodgy rear brake it must have been an ordeal to slow down, i went first and waited at the bottom to get some pictures. the 2nd failure happened on a long muddy downhill when Ben’s light stopped working, very scary! we then limped home with Ben borrowing the light emitted by Ian’s and my lights. a good ride spoilt by matt’s travails and technical issues
ride 35
10 miles
total 613
commute 126.5

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