the fully rigid ride

P1050561_fhdr by rOcKeTdOgUk
P1050561_fhdr, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

after riding for about three months over the winter almost totally exclusively on a rigid fork on a bastardised HT 69er i went back to front suspension a week or so ago now that the weather is drier, well after about 5 rides i was becoming frustrated with the climbing performance, that squishy feeling even when the fork is locked out. i know this happens with most forks and maybe the feeling is heightened by so long on a rigid but i took the plunge and ordered some Singular steel forks for the Pegasus and fitted them on the morning of this ride. i have to admit to wondering if i had made a mistake especially with how washboard like the mud has become now and in a tiny way i was right, obviously a rigid fork is never going to be as comfy as a suspension fork and a chance of technique is needed, you can’t just ride over stuff and get away with it, but having experience of a rigid fork i knew what to expect. those expectations were dispelled by the fork, despite being a slightly shorter version than on my Swift it still had that lovely “twang” of fore=aft movement that the other fork has and no discernible side to side movement so was very comfy and the steering direct. obviously you have to pick your lines carefully and after 32 miles i did have shoulder ache but that’s as much posture as the fork (as i got that using a suspension fork too) but overall i think i prefer it, it hasn’t changed the way the bike handles and getting out of the saddle elicits only the deflection of the big front nobby nic tyre, so so far so good!
what a great day to be out too, i even got one of those silly cyclist tans.
ride 44
32 miles
total 805
commute 261.5

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