the John Climber visits ride

@johnclimber a twitter mate was in the area for work and tweeted asking if he could join us for a ride, of course i said yes and he asked which bike he should bring, i suggested his Salsa Mukluk FatBike as the guys i ride with would be very interested in having a go on one. i planned a route that would give him a good overview of what the NW Alps would have to offer. it was great to start a night ride in daylight and lights really didn’t go on for a good half an hour into it. as the sun did go down though the temperature change was dramatic (i’m looking smug in the picture as i had the foresight to wear knee warmers) and the guys were a little under dressed especially after stopping for a pint near the canal. i’ve known him for about 3 years but only via the internet so it was great to finally get to ride with him, hope he enjoyed the route!
ride 43
13 miles
total 773
commute 261.5

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