the zero traction action ride

i used the singlespeed again today and was just intending to go and play in the woods and that was how this ride started, the heavy rain showers over the last few days have taken there toll and in places it was very muddy. i had put a summer tyre on the rear of the Swift normally not a bad tyre in all but very gloopy conditions, however this tyre was 2 years old and very worn and given the fact there a some steep climbs that can only be tackled out of the saddle i got a lot of wheel spin and progress was slow. having got to the top of the woods i thought maybe i’d head over to the Waseleys, on part of the route there was a very off camber section of grass and riding along it the rear tyre suddenly gave way and threw the rear of the bike quickly in the opposite direction i was travelling, bit of a shock! it began to rain as i passed the Cafe but i resisted the lure of cake and once the shower had passed over decided if i’d got this far i might as well try to make Clent, the summit of the NW Alps. i can’t say the climb was easy and the weaving from side to side technique was applied at times but i made it! i descended off the hills and taking the long way back into the local woods for a final few slippery trails before heading home, not exactly what i was planning and certainly a longer and higher route than i’d intended but i was happy.
ride 53
23 miles
total 969
commute 261.5

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