the it’s STOPPED RAINING ride

it’s rained for three days solid and i was getting angsty for a ride, putting it off when i just should have manned up and gone out in the deluge but i hung on and on hoping for a break and just the hint of sunshine, typically the only sunshine seen was through the window at work and when home time came around it was tipping down again. proper April showers. so today i was riding whatever the weather be it rain, snow or locusts. happily however, although overcast the ride started in the dry, i took the singlespeed to save the drive chain on the geared bike and wrestled it through the quagmire that is the Lickeys, then down to the flatter lands and the cemetary run, here, where i was expecting waterlogged fields i found it to be astoundingly dry, the ground was obviouslt desperate for the water. nearing the end of the ride, just to make me feel better it began to rain, oh well i got an hour and twelve minutes of rain free ride, it can’t rain for much longer…can it?
ride 56
12 miles
total 1028
commute 295.5

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