the NW Alps Welsh trip

3 of us traveled over to mid Wales to ride at a couple of purpose built trail centers. the first of which was Coed-y-Brenin. i last rode here about 17 years ago and to be honest i hated every minute of it. back then i was riding a bike too small for me with awful brakes and poor suspension forks and i didn’t cope well with the rocky nature of the trails here. the way marked trails have changed since then but what they are made of hasn’t, it’s still very rocky with lots of step sections including technical climbs over boulders. i’ll admit i was out of my comfort zone, back in the NW Alps we just don’t have this, it’s all roots and mud back home. so on certain sections it was a challenge to keep sufficient mommentum and this affected the flow of the trail. however this was only in certain spots others were much more fun, we did a mix of all the trails there trying to pick out the best bits. all three of us had falls during the day, luckily without damage to body or bike. the weather, after being awful up to today was dry and warm! after the ride we sampled the delicious cake in the visitor centre (victoria sponge) and shared it with some cheeky chaffinches. then we drove 1.5 miles to the pub we were staying in for the night. this ancient coaching Inn had amazing 70’s decor but the food was great we dined on Welsh Black beef and stout Pie to refuel for day two.
 ride 63
18 miles
total 1146
commute 346.5

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