glow by rOcKeTdOgUk
glow, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

a super night for a ride. i’d had yesterday off the bike completely and then comited to work by bike today, my legs felt awful, shows you shouldn’t have a day without riding! the journey home was slightly better so a couple of days later i met Ian for a night ride, the sky was clear and the sun set beautifully, we tried what used to be called “the big downhill” and used to frighten the life out of me when i rode here about 20 year ago, now with modern brakes, geometry and suspension it felt a bit tame (or not as scary anyway) but still fun. after it got dark the temperature got cold very quickly but it was great to ride in
ride 71
10 miles
total 1258
commute 380.5

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