the you don’t need a new hobby ride

last week Ben and i were riding across the Waseley Hills and passed an area of Beech trees, there was a signpost explaining the trees had been planted in 1977 to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee and to mirror Frankley Beeches another area of trees on the high point of land about 5 miles away. this got me thinking that we should explore that area as i hadn’t been to it since the early 80’s when i used to visit with my parents, so on this ride we were haeding for it. Ben had mentioned that he was watching 2 radio controlled cars on ebay and i knew that there was a RC car racetrack we could pass on the way. Ben was like a kid in a toy shop chatting to the guys there. the cars were pretty awesome though and very fast over the undulating course with their 4 wheel drive petrol driven engines. in the event the Beeches (as Frankley Beeches is locally called) was a disappointment, you know when you are a kid everythiung seems bigger, summers last forever and every memory is of a great time (mostly) well that must have been in effect because it seemed small, uninteresting and inhabited by a guy and his son on a quad bike. oh well, one to knock off the list. to balance things out we made it back in time to buy lemon drizzle cake and coffee at the cafe and to let Ben loose on the “road gap” Ian and i spotted on the last ride and then completing the “big downhill” and heading for home with dreams of gap jumping……….by remote control
ride 72
19 miles
total 1277
commute 380.5

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