the perfect temperature ride

Ian and i met after a day working in the highest temperature we’ve experienced so far this year 26 degrees!. it was alsp very humid so a ride involving less climbing and more long spells getting airflow to call us down was in order. we took the bridleway past the resevoir to the canal and then down to Astwood locks then via lanes to timberhonger and back. the canal has gone from muddy gloop fest to dusty highway in about 2 days and is riding very fast. it was nice to see so many people out using this great feature in the evening though and of course we we courteous to everyone we met and speeded up on the more remote parts. it was still very hot and it wasn’t until 2045 that the temp became comfortable and ideal to ride. drimk bottles empty we headed home with fingers crossed this weather will continue
ride 75
21 miles
total 1317
commute 397.5

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