Bens injury ride

Bens injury ride by rOcKeTdOgUk
Bens injury ride, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

if you were to ask the average person what a sunday afternoon ride would mean to them i’d expect them to say a gentle pedal through leafy lanes or bridleways on a sunny afternoon tin the countryside, well we certainly had sun, leaves and bridleways but it got a little more technical than that for Ben. not for nothing is the descent we did called “the big downhill” it’s rooty. twisty. has dropoffs in succession all with an arse over the back of the saddle gradient. today though it was also very dry, dry loose leaf litter gives hardly any traction going down hill when braking and as Ben found out, locking wheels and hoping to turn isn’t easy. the picture above doesn’t show the full extent of the 5ft drop he went over. unable to avoid it at the speed he was traveling and not having time to eject the bike his ankle took the full force of the impact causing ligament damage and abrasions. actually he was quite lucky, if not for his athleticism and skills it could have been a lot worse and like a hhero he still mad it to the pub for some liquid painkiller
ride 77
12 miles
total 1366
commute 397.5

Edit: imjury update, Ben txt me today to say his ankle is fractured and he’ll be wearing a splint boot for 8 weeks! he didride about 6 miles after the accident and drank 2 pints at the pub, NW Alps riders are made of steel!

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