the summer clothing ride

it’s June in the UK, so that means only one thing. if you want to ride you need to be wearing a buff, endura stealth jacket and gore-tex trousers or equivalent in order to stay dry in the frankly miserable conditions, not helped at all by the gusty winds, its been like it for what seems like the whole of the month. however it’s compounded by the fact that it’s still quite warm so wearing that lot even with it’s wondrous breath-ability means you feel like a packet of boil in the bag rice even with the vents wide open. still even a challenging weather ride is a good ride and coat unzipped up climbs i made good time up into the woods, scared myself silly riding “bono” in the mud, dipped down into the valley, popped to the puppy’s for a cuppa and home damp,hot and happy that i’d made the effort to get out of the door
ride 86
12 miles
total 1524
commute 451
#turbolejog 718-12=706 remaining
june 130

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