The day so far

The day so far by rOcKeTdOgUk
The day so far, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

“C” has been building up to a ride from home the Clent for a while getting in a few rides and today she decided was going to be the day she attempted the Col du Clent. there was the incentive of a bacon sandwich to help the decision making process too. we decided to go a longer but less steep was at the start but as we neared the point where the other route met with ours she agreed with me that shorter and steeper would have been best (about 2 miles shorter) and would have avoided busier roads. we resisted the pull of the Waseley cafe and headed up to Nimmings, going up past Cuckoo’s corner i started to get hunger knock, maybe that one banana breakfast was a mistake! luckily it wasn’t far to the top of the climb and we made it to the cafe without bonking completely. we then sat in the warm sunshine stuffing out faces with much more than the calories we’d burnt off on the way there. whilst digesting the food i laid out the options for the return journey, back the way we had come or down the long downhill through Belbroughton and Bromsgrove to home, a much longer and hillier route. C chose the harder way, good for her! she even agreed to attempting the col de television conquering it easily! maybe she’d been inspired by the big race starting today.we got home and it was evident the filth covered roads caused by the recent rain and floods had taken their toll on the bikes which were filthy and i took time to clean and lube them. i finished this just tin time to watch the prologue of The Tour de France which as mentioned starts today, 3 weeks of cycling to further unspire us, well done to C fro a great effort and as i sit here writing this blog entry she says her legs feel fine, this can only be good for future rides!
ride 93
27 miles
total 1662
commute 487
#turbolejog 533-27=506 remaining

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