the 8 miles of ish ride

foxgloves by rOcKeTdOgUk
foxgloves, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

Ian and i went in search of the other end of the wast hill tunnel. which if found would remove a big chunk of main road from the canal route to Brum, Stratford/Warwick etc. i say in search of as it’s far from straight forward as a huge housing estate has been built on top of the tunnel and it’s a bit of a labyrinth. good old google earth/maps gave me a good idea though and we were lucky and found the towpath straight away. turning left onto the north stratford canal we pedalled down to Dickens heath, the conditions were very muddy in places and this made parts of it a bit of a slog. i’d told Ian it was 15 ish miles not really knowing if we’d circle looking for the route or how much finding it would knock off the length of the ride. as we neared home (after a pint and a ham roll at the Coach and Horses) i mentioned the distance to him and the fact it was over 15 miles, he replied the 15 miles were find, it was the “ish” that was killing him 🙂
ride 94
23 miles
total 1685
commute 487
#turbolejog 506-23=483 remaining

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