the i’m not telling you have far we’ve ridden ride

Ian has the riding threshold thing , he says that he can only ride for 15 miles, so i now don’t tell him how far we’ve ridden until we get home, this was a repeat of last weeks figure of 8 ride but with significantly better weather and dryer towpath, there was a cheeky head wind on the outward leg but this became our friend when we made the turn for home, Ian pointed out that the route was more a fiqure of six, but i think the extra mileage was getting to him! we celebrated Ian’s longest single MTB ride with a pint whilst sat in the last of the dun in what turned out to be a very nice (and rain free!!!!) day indeed
ride 102
26 miles
total 1855
commute 350
#turbolejog 287-26=261 remaining

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