the pre beer festival ride

i had a beer festival to go to this afternoon, meeting some friends their to try a few of the real ales on offer, so i thought it would be a great idea to go for a ride in the hot sunshine before hand just to build up a thirst. the first error was taking the singlespeed, not the best bike to use when you realise error two-the fact that you’ve probably taken a longer route than you should have if you want to return home in time for a shower, some food and to get to the train on time, Oops! it also didn’t help that the freewheel on the hub sounded like it was about to tear itself to bits at any moment, of course this would have been at the furthest point away from home and a road where i had the chance of being picked up. so trying desperately hard for this not to happen i wasn’t exactly putting all the power i could muster through the pedals which meant slower going, Oops 2. as i got nearer home and time got ever shorter this philosophy changed and i hammered it to the extent i got home with ten minutes to shower, eat and walk the 15 minutes to the station, Oops 3. still the beer was still there when i eventually made it and being slightly dehydrated meant it was very cheap to get a bit tiddly.
ride 114
27 miles
total 2067
commute 598
#turbolejog 77-27=50

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