the why i’m not an Olympian ride

i watched the Olympic MTB XC race today, super fit guys going at full speed over a course that included rock sections, they were going full gas from the start and it never let up, no way i wasn’t going to go for a ride after watching that so i headed out into the humid afternoon with intentions of emulating their performance and commitment, redlining the effort 100 %. well, that lasted until i topped out on the highest part of the ride, then i went for a cup of tea with Matt, i’d decided i’d rather pootle about, eat some cake now and then and generally enjoy the ride rather than be too out of breath to think straight, this is why i won’t ever be an Olympian, i like being social and looking at the scenery too much, which i think is a good thing, their isn’t enough room in the world for more elite athletes so i’m bowing out to give others a chance for glory, nice if me i think 🙂
oh, i’d like to apologise to the 5 women who i passed on the downhil, i was on a singlespeed and you were going slowly so i overtook, the fact that on the next 1/2 mile flat bit i was spinning out and you repassed me isn’t my fault, the fact that i passed you all again going up the next hill before turning off was just the consequence of my usual cadence, i wasn’t being an idiot (i bet they cursed me when they got together) i did think of pointing out my lack of gears and fat knobbly tyres compared to your 23mm tyres on road frames but thought it’d make me look a right show off. so, sorry!
ride 115
10 miles
total 2077
commute 598
#turbolejog 50-10=40

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