the sunshine and thunder ride

how i scoffed at the weather forecast, they said it’s be torrential slow moving rain and thunder, twitter buddies were tweeting that they were riding in a deluge, yet here in the NWAlps the sun was out, the sun was very warm and blue dominated the sky, i’d intended a long road ride today but because of the weather warnings i’d decided to stay local, i was beginning to regret that decision as it was so nice. however i was suddenly eating my words as the wind picked up, a huge black cloud came over and the heavens opened dumping water at an amazing rate, suddenly the trails were gushing with running water and the roads quickly became flooded, 6″ deep in places. i was able to shelter luckily and after about 20 minutes the storm had gone and sunshine returned. so glad i didn’t do the long ride!
ride 122
13 miles
total 2259
commute 632

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