the Ian’s gone missing ride

modern technology, where would we be without it? you wouldn’t be able to read this for a start, but although it’s generally reliable what happens to messages sent to a phone but never arrive mystify me. today was one such example, trying to arrange a meet time and place Ian just didn’t receive the txt. Ben and i met at the planned rendezvous point, but no Ian, we waited 15 mins, txt him, called him, no answer. becoming concerned he might have had an incident on his way we retraced his possible route being thankfully we didn’t come across an accident involving a cyclist and found him in his front garden trimming bushes! he hadn’t had one txt and thought the ride wasn’t on, WTF had those txt gone (still haven’t arrived 2 days later) so after some cajoling we persuaded him to get changed and we headed up to Waseley to “session” one of the drops there, only the waseley short cut was muddy, due to the passage of horses really, the rest was dry and dusty. we probably spent an hour on the drop and i think the guys got a bit fed up as i was trying to perfect the shot. we then headed back via Cofton playing in the park doing skids like big kids! and them home before it got too dark as we had no lights. at least you can rely on the technology of bikes even if electronics sometimes let you down
ride 132
16 miles
total 2479

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