The my 1st Century ride

riding for 100 miles has been on my to do list for quite a while now ever since i re started doing the longer rides similar to thise i did in my late 20’s-early 30’s, my longest then was 80 miles, recently i’ve done 60-79 mile rides and been quite tired at the end and felt i couldn’t do the extra distance required. today i found the drive needed to complete it. i loosely followed the route of the Shakespeare 100 sportive riding around a lot of the warwickshire countryside, the route was fairly flat but i found the first 50 miles the worst, once over that it was psychologically downhill all the way to 100, getting lost once did help bump up the mileage. luckily the weather was good apart from a bit of a head wind now and again, i made sure i had plenty to eat and drink, stopping at Hatton lock cafe for lunch for 40 minutes, but didn’t really stop for any other length of time. the ride was done on a steel CX bike with discs and mudguards so not the lightest or most aerodynamic but very comfy for distance riding. so that’s it, i can now tick the 100 mile ride box. i was tired at the end but not so much that i couldn’t have carried on, infact my shoulders ached more than my legs. i will probably do more 100 mile rides as that barrier is now lifted, but if i don’t it won’t worry me, i’ve already done it once
ride 137
101 miles
total 2655
commute 741

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