the mobile library ride

the mobile library ride by rOcKeTdOgUk
the mobile library ride, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

finally managed to get the book i’d mentioned to Matt, “The Road to McCarthy” by the late Pete McCarthy, followm up to “McCarthy’s Bar” which Matt had already read. i’d been ill with a rotten cold and hacking cough, same one as last week but it seemed to get worse, i even took two days off work, something that never happens! so combined with delivering the book it was another how am i doing ride, well not too bad but definitely not 100%, a bit wheezy and a bit of coughing. it probably didn’t help that the last half of the ride was in heavy rain 😦
BTW thoroughly recommend both books
ride 144
10 miles
total 2754
commute 741

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