pineapple cream in the sunshine

Ben, Ian and & I met on a sunny Saturday after a week of rain determined to do a long ride. so i suggested riding to worcester and back via the Worcs-B’ham and Droitwich canal. the others agreed but i’m not sure they realised how many miles would be involved. also, even though the route is fairly flat it’s still not easy because there is no respite from pedalling and what climbing there is comes in the last third of the ride. still we made good time down into Wlorcester despite a lot of fishermen on the towpath blocking the way with their expensive carbon rods. we had lunch at Diglis marina from the narrow boat cafe sat in the sunshine and then visited the local bike shop, then purchased cake (pineapple cream mmmm) and sat by the river before heading back. of course we went via The Mug House and The Queens head on the way back to, beer certainly isn’t performance enhancing but is good on a long ride to pick your spirits up when you are flagging a litte, so all the ingredients were there, mates, bikes, cake and beer. Top ride
ride 146
42 miles
total 2809
commute 741

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