the tumble tots ride

tumble tots by rOcKeTdOgUk
tumble tots, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

the sun came out, clouds were absent from the intensely blue sky. perfect!…except for the fact that almost a week worth of heavy rain had fell on already saturated trails and deep rivers were flowing everywhere. with waterproof trousers and socks in place i met the other guys (inc Matt!) and went for a play in the woods. people were everywhere, i think they were all stir crazy from being forced to stay indoors. there even seemed to be quite a few other mountain bikers about which is unusual. after meeting Ben at the visitor centre we pedalled to Bono and the very dodgy, slippery and rooty descent and down the steps onto the bridleway which was fast and wet, then up over the waseleys. I nearly crapped my pants as Matt came down one steep muddy grassy descent with his back brake locked on, (Matt drops in) he said after he felt in control but it didn’t look like it and he is coming back from an operation to replace his hip!. coffee and cake was scoffed before we headed back towards the Lickeys via the 4 flights of steps down into Rubery (1st time i’ve ever done this!) and then after a brief play on the very slippery BMX park we went back into the woods. this part of the forest lies quite low so attracts more water and so was very muddy and soft. as Ben and i chatted at the end of a section Ian came rolling towards us through the leaves, minus bike!. his front wheel had sunk up to the axle nearly and thrown him over the bars, it was a very graceful dismount, like a spring lamb gambolling through the fields and very funny!, not to be out done Ben then decided to take a run at a jump which consisted of a pile of compacted soil and gravel in front of a fence. he made it across the fence without incident. however, the landing didn’t go quite so well and he ended up landing on his face. (Ben tests facial product) it was a bit scary actually (the landing not his face) but having established he was ok we brushed him down, unclogged his helmet of mud and carried on. He got his revenge though when he told me the puddle i was heading towards wasn’t deep, it bloody was and i nearly lost the front wheel in it and had to dismount (not a nimbly as Ian) to avoid a soaking! just before heading home we found one of the scariest things i’ve ever seen in the woods, a full latex wolf mask, just stuck on the end of a pole in the middle of nowhere, really spooky! (forest Wolf)
great ride, which was made better by the fact the rain returned about 40 minutes after i got home
ride 169
13 miles
total 3110
commute 843

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