the almost quit too early ride

the ride start was set for 1930, the forecast was favourable but the weather didn’t play ball. when i left the house heading for the meet point it was absolutely chucking it down. i ducked into a bus shelter, the only dry place, to check my phone to see if there was a message from anyone calling the ride off, i really didn’t fancy a soaking. there was a txt! i phoned Ian and we decided it wasn’t worth it, end of ride.
well obviously, as there’s a blog entry there was a ride and it was one of the best night rides for a while.
as i turned to ride home it stopped raining, as i pulled up outside my house the sky was clearing, i’d thought about going for a run but i couldn’t be arsed to get changed so rode on to the bottom of the hill and began the ascent to the Lickeys. the rain had completely stopped by then and i went to txt Ian to try and get the ride back on but i’d already received one saying the Ben had said “you quit too early”. the ride was back on!
the trails are trashed due to the bad weather so we rode “urban” steps, kerbs, wheelies and stoppies through the town and then up the canal where we encountered all the damage from the rain and winds, luckily our lights were good enough to spot the fallen tree before we either ran into it or pulled wide left to avoid it and ended up in the canal!
it was a great ride even though the only real off road we did was the towpath.
ride 170
16 miles
total 3126
commute 860

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