New Beginnings

so the 1st ride of 2013 is done. Much later than I’d planned due to me having the Christmas cold that’s been going around. I got a sore throat during the last ride of 2012 and it kicked into a proper humdinger of an infection by the next day. so New years day, which was bright and sunny, was spent sat next to a box of tissues, rubbish! so 5 days later still suffering ill effects but at the “thick snot” stage and with no chest infection i was determined to get out. just a gentle test and a cafe visit with C, she was on the 2nd off road ride of the year though, very cruelly (i thought) she went out and got muddy whilst I was sat feeling sorry for myself. she was a novice rider last time she ventured onto the dirt but a year of road riding has given her fitness and a lot more confidence, it’s great to see and even better to have someone new to the local trails to show around. I’ll encourage her to keep it up.
So, here we go, another year of riding, hopefully this one will involved a lot more dusty singletrack and sunny days than the last one.
ride 1
18 miles
total 18

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