the incredible snot filled ride

i rode yesterday after being Ill with a cold and felt not too bad at all. Today however was a completely different story, I felt really under the weather, perhaps i did too much? anyway I need to apologise to the people of Worcestershire for adding to the already saturated water table by adding a huge amount of snot to it, I’m sure Ben and Ian weren’t too pleased either but i think i managed to keep it out of their way.
As you can see from the picture ,it was very foggy, visibility at times was down to 20 metres. Happily it was mild. We found the start of the great trail we did on the last ride of 2012 and it looks like it’ll be a cracker in the dry. we stopped and played around on the drops in the quarry and meandered towards the Cafe at Waseley, indulging in toasted teacake and tea. then a trip through pepper wood and Timberhonger, back through the park and homeward. I was knackered and glad to get home for a nap on the sofa. So, not beaten the lurgy yet and it wasn’t the best ride as i felt i was just hanging on to the other guys at the end so looking forward for better times and health to come.
ride 2
23 miles
total 41

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