the path of least resistance ride

quite different conditions from the last snow ride as an over night drop in temperature made the snow compacted by walkers very icy, off the paths it was much the same with deep fluffy drifts making things hard work. we rode a few icy runs where we picked up quite a bit of speed and the best way to slow down was to keep off the brakes and head towards a snow drift which reduced velocity very quickly indeed! Dan was on a singlespeed and it was impressive how he kept going up hill with very little traction and most of the time he couldn’t risk standing up to climb for fear of the rear wheel spinning.
we crossed to the other side of The Lickeys where we encountered the first obstacle of the day, a fenced off trail, easily got past by bike but the other end of the trail was also blocked. this meant either going back the way we’d come or climbing over the 6ft fence…..which we were about to attempt until i noticed a gap in the trees which we squeezed through and found the fence there was wide open!, we’d have looke right charlies climbing when the fence was open not 2 meters away. As a reward we had hot sarnies at the cafe before skirting the golf course and finding our second obstacle, a fallen tree across the bridleway. the only way past was to use the ditch/stream on one side, it was very precarious and using the bike as a prop we picked our way through. Operation Tree Avoidance Then it was up a big climb to beacon hill to watch the sledging. The 4 people on a plastic bag were very entertaining, especially when one was launched into the air by a bump at one point! All survived intact though. it was very windy and the snow we’d had all ride felt like ice crystals battering into us, so it was decided to head home. Re crossing the road over The Lickeys it was amazing how conditions had deteriorated in the hour or so since we first crossed it, now cars were struggling to get up the hill and chaos was beginning to ensue, feeling quite smug at our ability to move with relative ease we short cutted through the woods and back home. a great ride, super to be able to get out and enjoy it, it was hard work and we certainly burnt off any calories we’d consumed.
ride 6
10 miles
total 110

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