new bike syndrome

is it the fact that the trails were suddenly dry, with places that were a further week of dryness away from dusty? Maybe it was the fact that temperatures reached double figures for the first time this year? could it be the bluebells starting to peek through the soil, brimming with the potential for a beautiful show of blooms?….No, actually it was the fact that I finished building my new bike and this was the first test ride. conditions couldn’t have been better for it either, such a lovely day, proper spring like, The only trouble being that every where was really busy, but i still managed a series of trails to compare this bike with my hardtail, well i’ve got to say it was great fun, my first full suspension bike for a while. it’s early days and a new bike is always going to seem sweet but i did have a big grin on my face at the end
ride 17
15 miles
total 337

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