1 trail, 3 riders, 3 falls

slithery slut by rOcKeTdOgUk
slithery slut, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

bit of a damp one this, overnight rain continued as Myself, Dan and @Teeceboy hit the local trails trying to avoid the worst of the mud, which wasn’t exactly easy. Not exactly easy also describes most of the trails we rode too, it was very hard to change direction without some serious over steer. Dan had a tankslapper moment on the top bridge bridleway, laughable when you survive it but scary during it as you can get some high speeds down there, hitting deep mud at speed isn’t recommended but it will scrub your progress quickly, just after this we hit the bus stop trail, the open field with its mole hill obstacles was fine but once into the trees the trail is clay based and greasy with zero grip, even with mud tyres. i hit the ground first, unable turn, the front wheel left a deep score the handlebar grip burying itself into the mud and i exited bike left. As i picked myself up Dan rode headlong into the bushes unable to stop or change direction and further up the hill Ant also left this bike, quite a trail, temporarily name slithering slut! despite the difficulty it was a giggle. we left mud in the Waseley cafe before returning to the woods, a play on the slave trail and then home to spray not only the bike but myself too as i was a bit of a mud monster. of course within 15 minutes of returning home the rain stopped and was replaced by sunshine, even so it didn’t ruin what was a fun ride
ride 23
13 miles
total 403

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