the rescue ride

out with Matt for a very pleasant trundle around the woods on a cold but thankfully dry day. many of the bridleways were under water though and every patch of grass was waterlogged. local knowledge was definitely needed when it came to picking lines to sustain traction and avoid the deepest mud. At the mid point of the ride i checked my phone and there was a “i have a puncture, attempting to fix” this was from my OH who was out on a road ride, after a quick call to check she was OK in which she said she knew what to do i hung around at Matt’s and just as i was about to get a cuppa my phone rang “i think i’ve nipped the new tube” with no more spares it was a full gas sprint to home for me to get the rescue vehicle and go and pick her up. after she was safely home and she told me she was annoyed that she couldn’t change the tube herself we replicated her technique, which i have to say was faultless, but when trying to inflate the tube we hit the real problem, the tube was rubbish and a quick swap to a good quality one soon had the tyre properly inflated. so no need for “C” to be angry with herself, she was just let down by her equipment. I’m confident next time she’ll be able to fix a puncture and be on her way in no time
ride 24
8 miles
total 411

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