the 2nd Annual NWAlps Good Friday ride

after 2 days of recce rides and stressing about the route Good Friday finally arrived. The weather was dry with some sunshine but bitterly cold, 9 riders set off up a nice 2 mile warm up climb only interrupted buy some tree felling. The group was mixed with experienced riders and newbies, i was determined that no one would feel left out or feel uncomfortable trying to keep up/hold back and wait. I’m glad to say that everyone was great, lots of chatting, no egos just a good social ride of people glad to be out on bikes! I used most of the route that i had tested yesterday but the sunshine did cause a bit of a thaw and the hard packed snow of the last ride was a bit more difficult to pedal on today. I think most people had “moments” or fell off but luckily into the snow! and there didn’t seem to be any complaints (maybe they were just being polite?) The bus stop trail proved to be the most difficult as it went from thick snow to slick clay and needed a lot of care to stay upright on. The descent from Waseley hill was entertaining too but since the ride a number of riders said that the multi-use path from the visitor centre to the road was their favourite bit, quite fast, technical because of the varying snow and ice conditions and downhill it certainly was a challenge to steer in the right direction and stay upright, something a few of us didn’t manage! after this we left the high point of the ride (altitude, not just because it was the cake stop!) and headed down into the valley. A few people peeled off here either because of mechanicals or time constraints and the rest of us did another loop over fields and the Motorway bridge, when we were down to 4 we decided it was time to head for the end of ride pub! I really enjoyed leading the ride i hope everyone who came along did too.
thanks to:
8 great fellow riders
cake & beer
no thanks to:
2 punctures
1 broken chain
1 bent rear mech hanger
ride 27
20 miles
total 459

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