a day in the dust

photo by rOcKeTdOgUk
photo, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

after stepping back in time at a local cycle jumble Dan and I ventured to the Wyre Forest as after the recent winds and a week of frozen but dry days i reckoned that there may be a chance that the trails there might be drying out. Well i was spot on, most of the forest was dry, a lot of it was dusty!, It’s been so long since we’d experienced this we were both like kids left alone in a fully stocked sweetshop. “camber”, “goldilocks”, “big drop trail”, Double death drop” and “shin ripper” were dispatched with enthusiasm. we even rode a gnarly trail that a couple of teenage bikers bottled, the fact that Dan went OTB at the end of it was neither here nor there. A visit to the cafe was of course obligatory (lemon crumble was delicious) before heading back through the forest. Admittedly there were a few spots of mud, some quite deep but on the whole dry and dusty ruled the day. At one point we just stopped in the sunshine and all we could here was the bird life, utter bliss after the prolonged winter weather we have been suffering. I t was a fab ride but I might not have been able to capture it as I left my camera at home, so all credit to capturing the ride and proving how dry it was goes to @dan_c_phillips for the photo and for being a great riding companion
ride 33
17 miles
total 576

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