NWAlps on tour day 4 Mabie, Mabie not..

Sadly today was our last day in Scotland but we planned to drop into Mabie forest on the way home to make the most of the long return. Hoping for a cuppa and a visit to a toilet before hand were dashed as the shop & cafe only open at weekends and there are no toilets, not much of an issue for males but I’m sure this puts off female riders. The weather was drizzly and cold to start with and over night rain had left the trail very wet and full of puddles, Mabie is very rocky and rooty, a totally different experience to Glentress but no less fun. I was riding along and suddenly my left hand pedal felt really weird, looking down i noticed my crank was hanging off! not good when you are half way around an 18K trail, without the correct tool to tension the cranks the guys found a suitably shaped piece of stone and managed to put it back on, it came off again about a mile later, a replaced it again and took it easy until we got to the huge berm section and it then stayed on until we reached a point where there was an escape option back to the van, i took this not wanting to push my luck and the guys finished the last quarter of the trail. bit of a rubbish end to four days of great riding but at least it happened on the last day.
It’s been an awesome few days, i feel my riding has come on leaps and bounds and we spent all week feeding off each others enthusiasm, got our eye in and went full gas!
ride 45
11 miles
total 734

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