NWAlps on tour Glentress Day 1

day 1 by rOcKeTdOgUk
day 1, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

after a remarkably smooth, hassle free 5 hour journey up to Peebles in Scotland we unpacked the bikes at the B&B and went for a look around the trails that were only 1/2 a mile away. The first thing to notice was how windy it was, gusting to gale force at times, but once into the trees and onto the gentle blue graded climb to the free ride area it wasn’t a factor. I think this is my sixth visit to these trails so I know them quite well but for the other three guys it was there first experience so I was really looking forward to seeing their reactions. As it was late in the day we explored the free ride area with it’s drops and jumps rather than going straight into the full red route. that could wait until tomorrow. I’m not really a wheels off the ground type of rider but the table tops are all roll able as are the steep wooden drop-ins. Ben showed us how it’s done though and was getting very good height. As we were all hungry it was decided to head down the Blue graded descent back to base for some food. Now, “blue graded” sounds quite tame and it you just slowly rolled along it it would be, it is a trail for novices afterall but it is so well designed that if you go quicker it becomes more of a challenge and so much fun! I told the guys to just ride and enjoy, i couldn’t wait to see their faces at the end of the first section. The reaction was brilliant, big massive grins all round, high fives and ” OMG, i’m going to go so much faster tomorrow” It was really gratifying to see as they had suffered me telling them how good it was since i first suggested the trip over six months ago. Even better was that the second part of the descent is even better!
A good start to the week
ride 42
10 miles
total 688

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