the piggy back ride

the piggy back ride by rOcKeTdOgUk
the piggy back ride, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

“C” was off to the forest of Dean to meet up with her buddies for a ride so i piggy backed onto it and got a lift down too. I took the rigid bike as i didn’t want to use the FS bike and potentially damage it before next weeks trip to Scotland as I’d have no time to fix it before leaving. I stuck to the Freeminer and Vederer’s trails and had it pretty much to myself. maybe this was to do with there being an uplift day to the downhill trails at the same time, everyone was over there. The trail was super dry, even the traditionally muddy area with a hard packed dusty line through the usual soft area. The trail is quite sandy in parts and weathering has exposed the large stones that have been used to build the trail, this makes for a very bumpy ride especially on a rigid forked hardtail. On the final descent my biceps were flapping around like a wind sock in a force 10 and i felt a little twinge in my upper back as i struggled to hold onto the bars.This was exacerbated by being forced to do the red descent as a Father and Son were standing in the middle of the trail where it splits from the blue effectively blocking one side as i was going so fast, not expecting people to be just standing there after a corner chatting and i was unable to stop safely. So more battering of body ensued before rejoining the girls at the cafe for tea and cake
ride 41
9 miles
total 678
April 205

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